Issue 17 and Volume 38.

DESTRUCTIVE FIRE IN NEW YORK. Traffic was tied up for an hour at seven o’clock early in the evening of October 17 by a fire on the seventh floor of the building at No. 473 Broadway, Manhattan, New York. The floor is occupied by Fishel & Weber, furriers. The fire, whose origin is set down to defectively insulated electric wires, was difficult to control on account of the inflammable material in which it started. The damage was estimated at $75,000. The nearest lire box was out of order, and this, together with attempts at pulling other boxes, caused delay, and transformed what at the worst would have been only a second-alarm blaze, into one demanding a third, and kept the department busy for nearly two hours before it could be controled. The alarm telegraph went wild and sent the firemen all over the lower part of the city before they…

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