Issue 17 and Volume 38.

FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING To compel people to drink impure water is not only inexcusable—it is a crime—inasmuch as, in the cases where pollution of the water supply is not preventable, it is always possible to counteract its evil effects by filtration. If this principle were once fairly fixed in the mind and thoroughly understood and realised by the People everywhere, such pollution, with its accompanying results of outbreaks of typhoid fever and other waterborne diseases, would be a thing of the past, and the public death rate would be materially decreased. As, therefore, impure water can at any time be rendered pure by filtration, it stands to reason that such a process should be made of obligation by a State law, so drawn up as to render fruitless all, or any attempts to evade or get round it. The trend of popular opinion, we are glad to notice, is…

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