Issue 17 and Volume 38.

AMONG THE FIRE ENGINEERS Specially reported for FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING. One of the most progressive cities in the United States is DETROIT, MICH., where every year shows a large increase in the number of buildings erected. During 1904-1905 permits were granted for the erection of 3,027 new structures, of which 1,883 were of wood, 622 of wood, veneered, and 522 of brick, stone, steel and cement. Of the 525 added to, altered and repaired ninety-two were of brick, etc., four of wood, veneered, and 427 of wood. It will thus be seen that the fire hazard is increasing to such an extent as to render an enlargement of the fire limits, instead of a curtailment, towards whicn there is a tendency. There is also room for improvement in the matter of fire hazards, so many wooden buildings being constructed, especially outside the fire limits. These points are all the…

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