Issue 17 and Volume 38.

A VERY FAULTY PLAN. An extraordinary statement was recently made at a meeting of the Leeds, England, city council by the chairman of the waterworks committee, to the effect that no fewer than 300 mistakes had been discovered in the plans for a new reservoir at Colstcrdale. The discovery had been made by the new waterworks engineer, and work had been stopped. In one case, the plans provided for the construction of a bridge, which terminated at one end four feet from the ground level, so that a horse and trap would have to jump that distance on leaving or entering the bridge. In another case, a proposed embankment would be threatened by a landslip equal to 1,000,000 cubic yards of boulder clay. By these extraordinary discoveries Leeds had been saved from one of the greatest blunders into which a city could fall, and a great waste of money had…

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