Issue 18 and Volume 38.

TWO-PLATOON SYSTEM AT CHICAGO. The two-platoon system is to be tried at Chicago, arrangements to that effect having been made by Chief Campion and Mayor Dunne. The quarters of engine company No. 40 and truck company No. 6 in Franklin street, between Washington and Randolph streets have been chosen for the test. Each of these companies now has thirteen men, including officers. Ten men will be added to the twenty-six, and the whole will be divided into two shifts or platoons. One shift will work ten hours daily at a stretch, and the other shift will work the remaining fourteen hours. Every two weeks this will be turned about, the ten-hour men taking the fourteen-hour shift. These companies are located just at the edge of the business centre, and form the first battalion, of which Edward Buckley is chief. The plan is to have nine men constantly ready to answer…

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