Issue 18 and Volume 38.

COMBINATION LADDER COMPANY. The Combination Ladder company has sold to the United States government for the Naval Training Station, at Newport. R. I., a first-size Nott steam fire engine. In placing this order, it might be stated that the engineering department at Washington, after many weeks of thorough investigation regarding the merits of the different makes of steam fire engines, selected the Nott make; testimony and investigation demonstrating the very superior qualities of the spiral water-tube boiler, with its quick steaming properties; therefore, order was placed as above mentioned.—The fire department committee and chief of fire department, Salem, Mass., were in Providence on Sunday as guests of the Combination Ladder company, for the purpose of inspecting, at the works on Fountain street, the combination chemical engine and hose wagon being constructed for that city. The committee was comprised of J. N. Perkins, chairman. C. C. llandv, secretary. Win. Colbert, and…

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