Issue 19 and Volume 38.

A NEW STYLE OF WATER CERTAIN. To show an effective method of putting out fires in skyscrapers a test of a water curtain was made the other day at the eighteen-story building of the Manhattan Life Insurance company, 64-70 Broadway, Manhattan, New York. On the eighth floor and on the fifteenth-floor on the Broadway side of the Manhattan Life building three and one-half-inch pipes were connected with the city water system in the street. The nozzles of the pipes were split into three fine slots to divide and spread the stream in fine spray. This system, when stretched across the front wall of the building, made a canopy of water, covering the front of and ran off in great streams for a block up and down the curb of Broadway. The plan is to turn on this system should there be a lire across the street and thus obviate any…

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