Issue 19 and Volume 38.

ORDERS FOR FIRE APPARATUS. New York city has awarded to the American LaFrance Fire Engine company, contract for two first-size and two second-size Metropolitan steam fire engines and for having a Clapp & Jones engine rebuilt.—Norristown, Pa., is also having a first-size Silsby engine rebuilt, and Joliet, Ill., has ordered a second-size Metropolitan, and a Fox boiler placed on its first-size Silsby engine.— Lynchburg, Va., is having its second-size Clapp and Jones engine rebuilt with a Fox boiler, and Watertown, Wis„ has ordered the rebuilding of its second-size Silsby engine.—The second-size Metropolitan engine bought by Kansas City, Kan., has just been delivered. The company has, likewise, sold a number of trucks during the first two weeks of October as follows: A sixty-five foot aerial to Huntington, W. Va.; a sixty-five foot aerial to Newburgh, N. Y.; an eighty-five foot aerial to New Yprk city; a sixty-five foot aerial to New…

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