Issue 21 and Volume 38.

THREE MONTHS’ ELECTRICAL FIRES. The report of the electrical bureau of the National Board of Fire Underwriters gives the following summary of the causes of electrical fires during the three months ending October 10: “Two crosses between high and low-potential circuits and nine between light or power wires and signaling systems have been reported. Twenty fires have been caused by short circuits in interior wiring, six of which were in flexible cords. Twenty-two fires were reported due to accidental grounding of circuits, of which four were on gas pipes, the resulting arcs burning holes through pipes and igniting escaping gas. Nine reports of damage by lightning entering buildings over service wires have been received. Six fires have been attributed to incandescent lamps, in five of which heat from the lamp ignited material nearby. Five fires were caused by dynamos and motors; two of these evidenced careless attention on part of…

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