Issue 21 and Volume 38.

CONTRACTS FOR NOTT FIRE ENGINES. The city of La Crosse, Wis., recently was in the market for a first-size steam fire engine and the purchase of the same was left in the hands of the board of public works, whose members, with two expert engineers, started an investigation of the different makes of fire engines, with a view to purchasing the best for the city. Bids were received from the American-LaFrance Fire Engine company for its Metropolitan engine, the Ahrens Fire Engine company and the Nott Fire Engine company. The board after witnessing tests of the three types of engines awarded the contract to Nott company.—Milwaukee, Wis., recently awarded the Nott Fire Engine company contract for two of its spiral water-tube boilers, to be placed on engines now in service in that city. The Terre Haute, Ind., had fifteen runs in October.

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