Issue 22 and Volume 38.

THE BIG CHIEF OF PHILADELPHIA. The representative of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING paid a visit to Chief J. C. Baxter, of Philadelphia, last week, and had a very pleasant interview with him. The following describes his impressions of the head of the Quaker City fire department and shows what his ideas are as to the duties of anyone holding such a position as his, his opinions on the high-pressure water system installed in the city for its protection against fire, what he thinks as to dispensing with apparatus or men since its installation, and how he feels as to the proposed schemes for the betterment of the International Association of Fire Engineers: John C. Baxter, Philadelphia’s big fire chief is a wellknown figure to those engaged in the fire service of the country. A man of a very retiring nature, reticent and conservative to a degree, he may appear to…

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