Issue 22 and Volume 38.

PLOUGHWORKS BURNED AT CLEVELAND Special y written for FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING Some time ago the Empire Plough works of Cleveland, Ohio, were very seriously damaged by a fire, in which the wire-glass windows failed to act up to what has been claimed for such a style of construction. There were two buildings, each L-shaped, and together forming a rectangular structure broken by an open space, also Lshaped. There were five sections divided off by solid brick parapeted walls, twelve-inch and sixteen-inch in thickness, each pierced with openings. Automatically closing fire-doors protected the passages, and all the window frames were fitted with metal frames, in which wire-glass was set. The height of the buildings was from one story to two, but, although the brickwork was solid and of good material, there was too much frame work on the roof for them to be safe from a fire-protection standpoint. The five…

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