Issue 22 and Volume 38.

SEWAGE POLLUTES NEW YORK HARBOR. Of the enormous amount of sewage discharged into New York harbor—some 505,000,000 gallons daily—-a very little ever reaches the ocean; the rest swirls round in the upper bay and is disposed of by the vegetable matter and lower forms of animal life that deal with such stuff. In reality, more sewage comes in than is being got rid of, and the pollution of the harbor shows a steady increase. About fifty samples of water have been taken from the bay at many points between the Battery and Coney Island and the Battery and Raritan bay. These have been analysed, wtui the result that the colon bacillus—an invariable accompaniment of sewage—was nearly always found, according to the presumptive test. In addition to this, samples were taken from the oyster beds in the harbor and it was found that the shellfish were tainted where the W’ater was…

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