Issue 22 and Volume 38.

GOOD WORK AT A BOSTON FIRE Chief William T. Cheswell, of the Boston fire department, after having been called to a recent fire, in a building owned by the Factory Buildings Trust and occupied by a firm of shoe machinery manufacturers and the manufacturers of hats and caps, at 12-20 Bedford street, South Boston, sent in an official report whose accuracy, down to the minutest details connected with the occurrence, shows how carefully such matters are attended to in his city. The exact minute at which the first alarm box was received from the Boston automatic alarm box 258-5 was received is set down, followed at a minute’s interval by another through the Boston automatic (hand) alarm box 77, from the adjacent building 2-28 Bedford street, called out engines 39 and 38 and hook and ladder company No. 18, with Acting District Chief Byron, of that district, upon whose arrival…

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