Issue 22 and Volume 38.

BALTIMORE SINCE THE FIRE. The committee of twenty of the National Board of Underwriters has been investigating the fire protection of Baltimore since the great conflagration of February, 1904. The members have naturally devoted much space to the fire department, while they have also reported on the waterworks system and the building ordinances, and criticised—none too favorably it may be remarked— the methods pursued in rebuilding the burned area. Beginning with the fire department, the report states that it was in 1893 that a full paid fire department was first established in the city. The members put forward as a highly satisfactory feature that, as at present administered, the board of three commissioners apnointed by the mayor of the city, each holding office for four years, shows no favor to anv officer or man on account of his race, religion or politics. This, of course, tends to keep up both…

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