Issue 22 and Volume 38.

MORE WATER FOR PITTSFIELD. The three city engineers who, have been making surveys, etc., preliminary to increasing the water supply, of Pittsfield, Mass., have completed their work on Washington mountain and returned to Pittsfield. A site has been selected for the proposed new storage reservoir, and, with the approval of the city council, about $75,000 will be necessary to carry out the plan. The Crocker farm tract, containing 175 acres, and located about a mile southeast of the Sackett reservoir, has been determined on as the best adapted for the purpose intended. The owner, if called upon, will sell the land to the city at a low figure. According to the engineers, a reservoir, with a storage capacity of about $250,000,000 gallons, can be built, and there is a watershed on the tract which extends over three-fourths of a square mile. There are numerous springs on the reservoir site, and…

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