Issue 22 and Volume 38.

CHIEF MARJENHOFF ON FIREFIGHTING. Chief O. G. Marjenhoff, of Charleston, S. C., gives his views on firefighting as follows. “First of all I must say as to the merits of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING as a fire journal: I read every issue with much interest and receive a great deal of information therefrom. From the descriptions and illustrations of many fires you describe, and how they have been extinguished, we do not understand how fire in such buildings can get such headway as to destroy whole blocks, if alarms are received in a reasonable time, and powerful streams, with 150 to 200 pounds pressure and one and one-eighth-inch smooth-bore nozzles are employed at once. We have nothing new in our department: but we keep our engines at the height of efficiency, so that we can get the best out of them, when wanted, and that is the only cause I…

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