Issue 23 and Volume 38.

FIRE PROTECTION OF BIRMINGHAM. The city council of Birmingham, Ala., has unanimously resolved to increase the fire department equipment of the city, in accordance with the agreement entered into with the officials of the South-Eastern Tariff association last February. and a special committee of three was appointed to investigate the entire subject from the view point of fire and water departments. The resolution acknowledged the city government’s dereliction in complying with tbe terms of this agreement, which had been ratified by the mayor and board of aldermen. The immediate cause of this action was the recent big fire, which destroyed the Telephone Exchange and the Alabama Penny Savings Bank buildings, with considerable incidental damage. It has been acknowledged for a considerable time that Birmingham had long since outgrown its antiquated fire department. Two years ago the South-Eastern Tariff association reduced the classification of the city from first to second-class, and…

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