Issue 23 and Volume 38.

CORRESPONDENCE A CORRECTION. To FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING: “At a night fire in a burning tenement house on Everett avenue, Chelsea, the Boston firemen rescued eleven persons who had been overcome by smoke. They were all carried down ladders.” Very much to my surprise, I learn from the inclosed clipping from your last issue that it was members of the Boston department who rescued eleven persons from the tenement house fire on Everett avenue, this city, and took them down the ladders. Arn’t you a little mixed in your geography? Wasn’t it members of the New York departmeftt that did the trick? CHELSEA! MASS., November at, 1905. HENRY A. SPENCER, Chief Engineer Chelsea fire department. IS THIS A CHANGE OF HEART ? To EIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING: Supt. Hopper, of the building bureau of the borough of Manhattan, New York, is possibly not so thick-skinned as many have imagined him…

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