Issue 23 and Volume 38.

A BAD MAINE FIRE. A correspondent writes: “A Sunday morning fire in a quid New England town always creates a big sensation, especially in one where somewhat strict Sabbatarian views prevail. Such an excitement was caused in Ellsworth, Me., when about 2:30 a. m. the fire bell rang out for a blaze in the house of Dr. Woodruff, one of a nest of wooden structures, chiefly business buildings. In the panic that followed the discovery of the fire a very young child was left behind in its bed. Mrs. McDonald, who is noted for her pluck, rushed in through the blinding smoke, and after a long search found, and rescued the little one. By this time the hose companies were on the scene, with Chief Eaton in command. But the flames had also spread, and two of the dry wooden buildings were a mass of fire, while the third was…

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