Issue 23 and Volume 38.

A FINE PLAY AT THE GARRICK. Grace George has achieved the greatest success of her very brilliant career in the dramatised version of “The Marriage of William Ashe,” in which she has opened an engagement at the Garrick theatre, New York. The play is presented on a very sumptuous scale, and Miss George has been surrounded by Wm. A. Brady with an altogether exceptional cast. The New York Sun, in speaking of the production, said: “However faithfully it may or may not present Mrs. Humphry Ward’s original. Miss Margaret Mayo’s stage version of ‘The Marriage of William Ashe’ at the Garrick is by far the most convincing and sustained piece of dramatisation that has been seen here in many weary months. Its five acts—ranging from a London garden to a carnival in Venice and a coaching inn in the Alps—are ably constructed and written, and very atmospherically staged. The acting,…

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