Issue 23 and Volume 38.

FIRE PROTECTION FOR PASSENGER STEAMBOATS. Chief John J. Farmer, of the Stanley Works company, New Britain, Conn., gives the following system for fire protection on passenger boats: The time is near when insurance men, fire engineers, and others high in authority will agree that the automatic sprinkler properly installed is the best possible protection against fire for steamships of all classes. The installation of automatic sprinklers might be carried out in this way: Place a tank of boiler construction fitted with water, glass and pressure-gauges in some convenient part of the ship—the capacity of the tank to depend on the size of the boat—say, from 1,000 to 5,000 gallons of water. Connected with this tank will be a Westinghouse air-pump, with automatic governor so that the pump should start when the pressure dropped to seventy-five pounds, and stop when too pounds pressure was reached. There should also be a connection…

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