Issue 24 and Volume 38.

BURNING OF “THE PILLARS.” Famous Old Ohio Clubhouse Destroyed. The destruction of “The Pillars,” a famous old clubhouse much affected by the society of Cincinnati, removes an almost historic landmark. The burned building was situated about two miles northwest of Madisonville, a suburb of Cincinnati, and was originally the country home of the Dodworth family. Surrounded by a grove of forest trees, this colonial style mansion, with the four great stone pillars in front of it, made it an imposing and beautiful structure. After its conversion from a residence into a clubhouse, its rooms had been opened up into one another until the whole interior was most spacious. This alteration, of course, made greater floor-space and gave the flames ampler chance to spread more rapidly through the building. The colonial style was followed throughout the interior—making it one of the most handsome and well appointed clubhouses in the country. On…

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