Issue 25 and Volume 38.

WATERWORKS LITIGATION. DENVER, COLO. For over ten years there has been litigation between Denver, Colo., and the local waterworks company. The city claims that the company is not acting up to the requirements of the contract of 1890, and that it has been delinquent as to the quality of the water and its pressure, and has, besides, charged more than the contract rate, which is the average rate as charged in Chicago, St. Louis and Cincinnati. There have been repeated postponements of the suit, and all that time the consumers have continued to pay the rates complained of by the city. The first step in the suit was taken on October 2, 1895, when the city council served a demand on the water company for an adjustment of the rates. The water company, it is claimed, controled a majority of the council, and the demand was made, only after a…

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