Issue 25 and Volume 38.

PROTECTION AGAINST FIRE AT AUGUSTA. Chief Reynolds, of Augusta, Ga., keeps up his efforts to render the city safe from a fire-protective standpoint. He urges a more careful and systematic inspection of all premises—offices, stores, factories or homes, when closing up for the night, with particular attention to be paid to the flues, He advises that in every building there should be at least one person who should be familiar with every nook and cranny—cellars, garrets, lumberrooms, etc—so that, when the firemen arrive on the scene they can be promptly piloted to the seat of the blaze. In this way, many fires could be extinguished, without any loss worth mentioning, by the chemical engine, which is generally first on the ground, before the blaze has gained sufficient headway to call for the use of the other apparatus that add the probability of damage from water to the injurious effects of…

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