Issue 25 and Volume 38.

EDWARD ATKINSON DEAD. On December 11, Edward Atkinson, the wellknown social and political economist of that city, died suddenly at his home in Boston, after an attack O. _____e indigestion, affecting the heart. He was seventy-eight years of age. The deceased was born in Bro_____e, Mass., on February 10, 1827. and was educated chiefly at private schools. On August 8, 1842, he entered the commission house of Read & Chadwick, of Roston, where he received a thorough business training in every line of work, from that of building fires and sweeping lofts, and packing goods, to that of confidential clerk. After many years spent in this line, he was subsequently made president of the Boston Manufacturers’ Mutual F’ire Insurance company, which ire helped to establish. It is in that capacity that he is best known to members of the fire service, and his valuable and voluminous reports, papers, and articles…

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