Issue 25 and Volume 38.

FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING. From the reference made by President Roosevelt to Niagara falls and the duty of preserving its beauties, there are some who are sanguine enough to imagine that National legislation may result looking to that end. It is to be feared, however, that the wish is father to the thought, and that the same commercialism which prompts communities to grant permission—always, of course, for a consideration—to destroy the wonderful Palisades on the lower Hudson and to disfigure some of the grandest scenery in the word with advertisements of quack medicines and rival whisky dealers, will be powerful enough to influence not only the State legislature, but Congress itself against yielding to the prayer of “mere sentimentalists,” and so opposing any further obstacles to those corporations that would add themselves to the number of vandals who have already done their best to turn the environments of the falls…

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