Issue 25 and Volume 38.

MAYOR DUNNE ON CHICAGO WATER SYSTEM. Mayor Dunne, of Chicago, in a recent speech before the Jefferson club, of Milwaukee, Wis., alluded to the glaring thefts of water by private persons in Chicago. These have been going on for a long time, and the thieves are said, on good authority, to be millionaires. The press asks why their names are not given, and points out that such concealment is compounding a felony. It is also pointed out that, if the management of the Chicago waterworks department were what it should be such robbery could not have gone for so long a time, without being detected. As one influential paper puts it: “It is not corded that private gas and electric lighting companies are victims of great and long-continued thefts. Their system of operation does not permit them to be victimised in this manner. The fact that slack service is tolerated…

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