Issue 25 and Volume 38.

IMPROVEMENTS AT SCRANTON Scranton, Pa., is about to install the Gamewell fire alarm system. The contract covers specifications for 120 non-interfering successive alarm boxes, fifteen indicator signal gongs for engine houses, complete manual system of signal transmission at fire headquarters, and the underground and overhead wiring. A four-circuit police signal system, consisting of forty boxes and headquarters apparatus located in the same building as the fire alarm headquarters, is also included in the contract. In addition to the new signal systems, the city has appropriated $50,000 for a modern fireproof building to be used exclusively as headquarters for the police and fire departments. The apparatus of the fire department is to be renovated and put in perfect condition, and the volunteer firefighters at sixty cents an hour, while fighting a blaze, are to give way to a regular paid department. When completed, these improvements will greatly increase Scranton’s firefighting facilities.

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