Issue 25 and Volume 38.

MANAGEMENT OF FIRE DEPARTMENTS For the proper management of a fire department physical qualifications, discipline, and a thorough drill practice are the three essentials necessary in a complete organisation. With these and with laws properly enacted and administered, so as to safeguard and direct, the management of a fire department is assured. Remove these safeguards, and the results are plainly visible. The responsibilities of the fireman of today are so‘ great that his selection should be made with the same care and diligence that marks the standard of the United States army. He should be temperate in habits, fearless in danger, always realising the significance of his position (for what arm of the city government is so important as that which, day and night, stands guard over the lives and property of its inhabitant’s) and often in times of danger that much depends upon the individual exertions of its members.…

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