Issue 25 and Volume 38.

COPPER SULPHATE TO PURIFY WATER. A correspondent in the Newark Sunday Call directs attention to the experiments made by expert bacteriologists in this country. He says that the application of copper sulphate as an algicide seems to be the only effective toxic substance that has so far won the support of men of light and leading engaged in freeing potable water from pollution by algae. In connection with a recent symposium on water purification, Dr. Kdwin L. Newcomb, Ph. D., Vineland, N. J., has made experiments in filterbeds and septic tanks for separating the larger portions of solid matter and obtaining a septic action. The copper sulphate used for experimentation was in the form of a solution one part sulphate to one hundred thousand parts of sewage. The net result was that at Vineland, where bacillus coli and other intestinal organisms were found in the filtrate from the beds wherein…

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