Issue 27 and Volume 38.

HEROIC TUNNEL RESCUE. A headchamber in the Pennsylvania railway tunnel in Long Island City, borough of Queens, New York, is not a cheerful place at the best of times. It is less so to those who may chance to be buried in one, with death staring them in the face in the form of suffocation or drowning, with the added possibility of being entombed under a superincumbent mass of concrete. And if to such every moment must seem an hour, what must forty hours of imprisonment under such terrible conditions have appeared to Francisco (. avella and Antonio Draga, two Italian laborers, who were caught last week in the flood of foul water that rushed into the boring last Sunday night and penned them up within its narrow limits -that were narrowed still further by the inrush of the flood during their forty hours’ confinement? The heading had been put…

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