Issue 27 and Volume 38.

SOME VIEWS OF FIRE ENGINEERS. The following are views and opinions of some fire engineers on points of interest connected with the service: “SOMERVILLE, MASS., “Nov. 12, 1905. “FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING: “I desire to congratulate you on the excellent issue of your (our) paper of October 28. “1 am one of those who have been a subscriber since it entered the fire service; its value as an educator to firemen increases every year. In an address before the Massachusetts State Firemen’s association, on ‘The importance of being a good fireman, and some pointers how to become one,’ I recommended that firemen in their leisure hours read FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING. It is generally read by members of this department, and the knowledge gained therefrom contributes greatly to the efficiency of their service.” “Fraternally, “JAMES R. HOPKINS, Chief Engineer.” “LYNN, MASS., Nov. 3, 1905. “To FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING: “I…

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