Issue 2 and Volume 39.

A CAUSE OF HOSE BURSTING. As so many lengths of hose that have been in service in the various fire departments throughout the country burst after comparatively short service, the cause of such mishaps has not been explained. It is, therefore, necessary to point out that the best hose, unless carefully cleansed and dried, will deteriorate and become useless in a very short time. One of the great causes of deterioration occurs where it is exposed to acids. Carboys frequently burst, and the fumes come in contact with acids, and these acids eat through the texture, thus causing it to rot, and, after lying for any length of time unused in the fire house, it is brought into service and at once put under high pressure. That it should burst under such conditions is a thing to hr expected. Most of thibrands of hose used in the fire service are…

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