Issue 2 and Volume 39.

FIRE PERILS IN NEW YORK. Specially written for FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING. While it is possible that the fire underwriters have overstated the fire hazards in the metropolis, and while their example has been followed to a considerable extent by the heads of the fire department, there is no doubt that in certain portions of the metropolis, not in Manhattan alone, but in the other boroughs, there exists constant and wellknown danger of a conflagration from perfectly preventable causes. To take one instance, that of the firefighting equipment : Notwithstanding the boastful assertions of some, who, by the way, speak only from hearsay, not from personal knowledge, that in equipment the New York fire department is far ahead of any other metropolis in the world, London not excepted, it is claimed by both underwriters and fire department officers that the steamers are far below what they ought to be in…

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