Issue 2 and Volume 39.

A MODEL THEATRE. The Austrian Engineers’ and Architects’ association, aided by the imperial government, has constructed a model theatre on the outskirts of the city. It is built of iron concrete and consists of a small stage and auditorium, patterned after the usual theatre buildings, but provided with certain innovations, the value of which for minimising the danger from fires was to be tested. The model theatre is only one-twentyseventh the size of the ordinary theatre building, Imt provides sufficient room for a satisfactory test of lire conditions. About forty tests have been held in the model theatre. To make these tests as nearly as possible exact reproductions of theatre fires, old theatrical scenery and hangings have been used on the stage and saturated with kerosene, so as to cause a rapid spread of the fire, 1 he observations made were with reference to the following details: The possibility of…

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