Issue 3 and Volume 39.

HIGHLAND BAPTIST CHURCH FIRE How the Fine Springfield Edifice Was Destroyed. Specially Writen for FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING At Springfield, Mass., on the night of January 3, the anniversary of the burning of the Carew Street Baptist church, the Highland Baptist church was burned, apparently by an incendiary, who set fire to an adjoining barn, from which the church was separated by only a few feet. In addition to the total destruction of the church, two lives” were sacrificd. those of Captain Sidney Bowers, of the fire department, and Fireman Francis J. Hines. These form the first record of a fatality to the firemen of Springfield when on duty at a fire. The total destruction of the building was due to two causes, the inadequacy of the water supply and a lack of foresight on the part of those who had the directing of the operations at the fire. Through…

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