Issue 3 and Volume 39.

DEATH OF THOMAS A. RAYMOND. One of the best equipped men in the fire hose business was Thomas A. Raymond. His early connection with that branch of fire apparatus was eminently successful. For many years he represented the Fabric Fire Hose company on the road and subsequently became its president. He was well known to all the chiefs throughout the country, and was a noted figure at their principal gatherings. Mr. Raymond was a very fluent speaker, and his addresses were eloquent and witty. He was instrumental in organising the Active Fire company of Rochester, N. Y., and was its president for some years. Fie was elected president of the New York State Firemen’s association and filled that position with remarkable popularity and success. Mr. Raymond, who was born at Corning, N. Y., received a college education, and was well equipped for the offices which he subsequently occupied. Of late…

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