Issue 3 and Volume 39.

FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING The unselfishness and bravery of firemen in the face of danger is of such everyday occurrence as to have become proverbial. Now and then, however, it is so conspicuously displayed as to demand something more than a passing notice. Of that type was the devotion to humanity and duty displayed the other day at a hotel fire in Minneapolis, when Captain Berwin met his fate in striving to save another. At great risk to himself he had rescued an old woman from one of the top floors and had carried her down the ladder through the flames, when his foot slipped and he fell. In the very act of falling, however, he exerted all his strength and threw the unconscious form from him into safety on the ledge of a second floor window. Himself he could not save, however; he met a hero’s death instead, and…

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