Issue 5 and Volume 39.

WATER SUPPLY OF ENGLAND GIVING OUT? Owing to her tremendous industrial activity and the needs of her teeming population, it is asserted that England may find herself one of these days face to face with a problem of staggering magnitude—namely, a scarcity of fresh water. This is the theory propounded the other day by Mr. Bentley. F. S. A., president of the Royal Meteorological society, at its recent annual meeting. He holds that so enormous now is the drain upon the country’s available supplies, so much have the growth of cities, the disappearance of forested areas, the extent of street surface impervious to moisture, and the diversion of rivers, lakes and other natural fresh water reservoirs from their natural function of irrigators, distributors of the all-essential moisture to the land, interfered, in England, with Nature’s arrangements that English engineers and meteorologists at no distant date may find a task of…

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