Issue 5 and Volume 39.

FILTRATION STORAGE AT PHILADELPHIA. In Philadelphia, since the stoppage of the work on the filtration system in that city, the increase in the cases of typhoid fever has been very marked. Three hundred and twenty-eight deaths in the districts not supplied with filtered water, 328 funerals, 2,952 cases recovered, 2,952 loss of time. If the foregoing were calculated at the rate usually fixed by law, the money loss would be $2,022,448. A correspondent writes that “no progress has been made on the filtration work since Major Gillette was called in, and from present appearances none will be made until he goes out. The services of an engineer skilled in works of public water supply are needed to complete the filters. An army engineer, devoid of training or capabilities in this line of work, is bound to fail in his effort to complete a work wholly outside his line of study…

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