Issue 6 and Volume 39.

RESIGNATION OF GEO. H. FELIX. As announced last week in these columns, on February 1, at a special meeting of the water commissioners of Reading, Pa., with President Ed. Elbert in the chair, Genera! Manager George H. Felix tendered his resignation, as follows: “To the Honorable Board of Water Commissioners.—Gentlemen: As your honorable board is doubtless aware, a bill in Equity lias been filed in our courts, directed against the tenure of my office as general manager. The bill recites, in effect, that, owing to the absence of certain technical requirements in the creation of the office and my election thereto, I was not legally qualified to hold it; and, furthermore, raises the question as to whether your board has a right to name the amount of my salary. An injunction has issued in accordance with the prayer of the bill, and payment of my salary has been enjoined. To…

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