Issue 6 and Volume 39.

A TITLED FIREMAN. The Marquis of Downshire, of Easthampstcad Park, Berkshire, England, is one of the few titled firemen in the United Kingdom. He has served in the ranks for ten years, and has steadily refused promotion. He is very enthusiastic in his calling, and has taken part in several fire brigade competitions at the Crystal Palace, Sydenham. He wears a bronze medal for “long service and good conduct” Time was when a former Duke of Sutherland maintained a small fire brigade, with engine, etc., of his own, at Stafford House. London, and with the Prince of Wales—now King Edward VII.—used to go to all the big fires and work under the orders of the superintendent of the Metropolitan fire brigade, Captain Sir Eyre Massey Shaw—then only Captain Shaw. F rank Carman succeeds John Steed as fire chief at F’rankfort, Ill.

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