Issue 6 and Volume 39.

FIRE NEWS OF THE WEEK Special Correspondence of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING At Baton Rouge, La., Albert Mart is now fire chief. Chief O. F. Utz, of Niagara Falls, N. Y., is reelected. Smithville, Tex., has a new fire chief, M. V. Thomas. Aurora, Ill., is installing a full paid fire department. George H. Becker elected fire chief at Ridgefield, Conn. I he Chester, Vt., firemen have elected F. A. Davis chief. Noank, Conn., fire department has elected L.L. Park its head. Amesbitry, Mass., had only twenty-four fire alarms during 1905. South Manchester, Conn., suffered less than $2,500 fire loss last year. On February 15 the annual ball of the Boston firemen will come off. The Pawtuxet, R. I., fire company has elected Fred. E. Johnson captain. Rochester, N. Y., may add another Metropolitan engine to its equipment. Meridian, Miss., has re-elected John B. Farrill chief of its fire department.…

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