Issue 6 and Volume 39.

METERAGE SOME NOTES AND COMMENTS ON DOINGS AND SAVINGS IN THE METER WORLD. The new “King” disk meter of the Union Water Meter company, of Worcester, Mass., is finding its way rapidly. The Detector meter, invented by J. A. Tilden, of the Hersey Manufacturing company, for private fire lines, is reported as very successful, and a large number of them are being installed. In St. John, N. B., the number of meters in service at the close of the last year was 20t, while the taps numbered 5,927. The meters in use are of the Crown, Hersey and Worthington patterns. The Neptune Meter company reports a total sale of 65,000 meters for the past year. The price of the five-eighth-inch Trident has been advanced to $9.40, presumably owing to increase in cost of material. Where the expense of furnishing water is so large as that at Norfolk, Va., it seems…

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