Issue 6 and Volume 39.

SERIOUS EXPLOSION OF GASOLINE. Chief F. B. Trusty, of Fort Dodge, Ia., sends the following description of a serious explosion caused by the careless use of gasoline, which resulted in the death of the individual who tampered with it. As many accidents occur through the reckless use of this dangerous explosive, it might be well for those unacquainted with it to note how easily serious trouble may be caused by want of proper care in its handling. Chief Trusty reports that F’rcd Francis, a bartender in Colby Brothers’ saloon, poured a thimbleful of gasoline into a stove on January 25 last. It immediately exploded, setting fire to his clothing and caused such serious injuries to his person that he died a few hours afterwards. Two explosions occurred —the first at the gasoline lighting plant on the premises and the other in a five-gallon can nearly full of the oil. The…

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