Issue 13 and Volume 39.

THE WORLD’S WATER SUPPLY. Prof. Guenther, of Freiburg university, predicts that the time will come when there will not be water enough remaining on this globe to support human life. We are left to suppose that our shrinking sphere will form caverns in its interior into which the oceans will sink. For a similar reason, as some astronomers believe, there is no man in the moon, the former waters on its surface. if there ever were any, having retired into its cavernous interior. We have no evidence at present of subterranean hollows of any extent, and the earth’s crust is continually adjusting itself by earthquake dislocations to the pressures within and without. Besides. Nature has provided this planet of ours with a rather large water supply. Nearly three-fourths of the earth’s surface—or 144.712.850 square miles—are covered by the ocean which is reckoned to he of an average depth of at…

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