Issue 13 and Volume 39.

FIRE CHIEFS HONOR CHESWELL’S MEMORY At the last meeting of the Massachusetts Fire Chiefs’ club, held last week in Boston at the hotel Cecil, nearly the whole of the business transacted was holding exercises in honor of the late William T. Cheswell, chief of the Boston fire department. Practically it was “Cheswell Day,” and the occasion brought together over fifty members. President Harry L. Marston, of Brockton, was in the chair and Fire Commissioner Wells, an honorary member of the club, and Chief Mullen, and Lieutenant Joseph A. Webber, aide to the late chief, were present as special guests. Captain William Brophy, secretary of the club, read the resolutions that had been adopted, and they were ordered engrossed, and a copy transmitted to the bereaved family. The resolutions were adopted as follows: KKSOI.UTIONS APOPTED 11Y THE KIRK CHIEF’S CLUB OF MASSACHUSETTS. Whereas: While directing the men under his charge in…

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