Issue 13 and Volume 39.

SUMMER HOTEL LOSSES. The following are the losses (all total) by burning of summer hotels during the last eight years in the New England States: Maine.—Number burned, thirty-two; loss, $319,880; insurance paid, $208,509. New Hampshire— Twenty-one; $265,613; $202,509. Vermont—One; $13,660; $8,060. Massachusetts. — Thirty-four; $; $233,428. Rhode Island. Six; $284. 01)8; $175,083. Connecticut. One; $12,1×10, $0. The total number was ninety-live; total property loss, $1,252,702; total insurance paid, $834,020. The partial losses throughout these States were numbered forty-one; property loss. $51,078; insurance paid, $880,147. The grand to tills were as follows: Number of hotels burned in whole or in part, 135; property loss, $1,303,780; insurance paid. $880,147. The figures on three hotels are as yet not to be obtained, in consequence of litigation. In all these fires the defective chimney is still a large causative factor, there having been thirty-one tires from that cause during the eight years, resulting in…

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