Issue 13 and Volume 39.

UNDERGROUND WATERS OF LONDON. As a contradiction of the statement that the underground waters of London, England, espe daily in the city proper, have given out, it is noticeable that an artesian well has just been bored at Baltic house, the large pile of buildings just completed in Leadenball street, and a good supply of water, remarkable for its softness, obtained The well was drilled to a depth of quite 450 feet, and water can be raised to the top of the building at the rate of 2,500 gallons an hour. It is nowrealised that owners of large buildings in any part of London can obtain an abundant supply of pure water by boring to the underground springs in the chalkbeds, and. bv lining the bore-hole with steel casing to a depth of 200 or 300 feet, all risk of contamination or injury to foundations buildings is avoided.

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